Football season. Camaraderie. Tailgate parties. Buddies getting together to root, root, root for the old home team.

You don your team jerseys. You paint your faces blue. You . . .

Gasp! Wait a minute! Can that be your new neighbor – the one you thought was a pretty cool guy – joining you and the guys with his face painted (shudder) green!!!

And . . . and . . . under that seemingly innocent jacket . . . can that be . . . ? Yes, it is!!! Damn!!! A green jersey!

Kinda looks like he’s root, root, rooting for a different home team, no?

So much for camaraderie.

Reminds us of when we lived in New Mexico. We’re Easterners, so when St. John’s was out there playing in the NCAA Tournament, we were pretty much alone among thousands แทงบอลออนไลน์ of cheering (and jeering) New Mexico fans.

In fact, three rows down from us, there was a guy cursing out St. John’s with so much hostile gusto, he was beet red and cruising for a heart attack.

Did we shake our heads in silent disapproval?

You bet we didn’t! We shook out the old vocal chords and shouted louder than he did.

It almost led to a lynching. The red-faced guy was a long way from being alone. And we were a long way from home.

But that was our team.

So before you think about giving the traitor . . . uh, the guy in the green jersey . . . the warm beer and burnt bratwurst, consider the guts it takes to be true to your team when you’re standing alone.

And if you spill a little Bud Lite on that blasted green jersey . . . well, it happens.

But . . . uh . . . mustard is an even harder stain to get out. Just in case you’re interested . . .

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